Russian? We need you for Game Development!

Are you an IT person speaking russian? We need you for paid work!

The mission

  1. We want to launch the Underworld Online game (this game) in Russian language.
  2. We want to have the Underworld Online game site (this one) in Russian.
  3. We want to have Underworld Online (Russian) running as vKontakte application.
  4. We want to promote this new-born Russian version.


The best players of October 2011

Our Permanent Competition continues and, according to the official competition's chart, we are proud to announce


* In the categories Richness,Best Killer,Max connection time have been won by Killer, the warrior!! Good, he gets: +500x3=1,500 gold coins prize!
* Categories Best King,Best Infector have been won by Grimstooth the vampire. These awarded: +500x2=1,000 gold coins prize!

Killer the warrior is this month's best all-round player, he may get a customized avatar with the money just won.

See you in the cursed castle! (BTW, did I mention that the competition is totally free?)

Underworld Online opens to same-gender weddings

Wanna marry a Dark Entity you find particularly charming?

Starting from today, Underworld online open its door to same-gender weddings. This could be th chance to re-discover this feature of the game. An entertaining feature but that lets you get extra Score points, since what you got from your husband/wife is automatically earned also by you without any labour.

There is more: after each wedding, the happy news gets automatically published on our Facebook Page.

If things go wrong? Rumors are there are some good divorcist lawyer-clerics in the castle - just ask around.

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