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Underworld 8.0.5

Some news, including changes for previous releases 8.0.3 and 8.0.4

Guild limit – 20 members

Guilds may not exceed 20 members.
Guild leaders! Above 20 members the joining is blocked, so make sure that your members are active by using the “Info about a person” command in the guild room (south west tower)

Kill count – now more strict

You get no “kill” points if you kill:
– players of your same guild
– players not subscribed to any guild (computer-controlled characters will count, instead)
This change was introduce to prevent cheating.

Initial invulnerability – only for new users

If you create multiple characters, they will not have initial invulnerability.
This benefit is granted only to really new players.

Experience threshold on some spells

Whirl spell and teleport spell can now be cast only if you have enough experience. See Magic and Spells page for more details.

Guild wars: Declare war to…

The game will allow members of a guild to get (and lose!) points from battling other guilds.
Guild leaders can now declare war (and accept war – use the same declare command) to another guild.
Please note that this feature for now has no practical effect still, just adds labels in the guild room about who you are making war to. Stay tuned for developments of this feature.

Strength/Experience advance: kill or rule

In order to advance your max Exp and Strength level you now have two ways:

– Kill enemies (up to 5,000 kills)
– Rule the kingdom: you get an advance at each 1,000 Score points

In the previous releases, the advance was granted without limitation at each 1,000 kills – it has been cancelled because the game was getting too violent.
Also, you can not give money any more to Morubar in order to increase the kingdom richness and hence increase your Score. This is to avoid cheating from richer players.

Underworld 8.0.2

Guilds: Delegate power

As in the reality, from now the guild leaders can delegate the tasks of administering their group.

There are two new commands:

  • Delegate to…
  • Revoke delegation…

These allow to delegate (and revoke) powers of the guild leader.

  • Accept (approve) a new member
  • Drop a candidate or a joining request
  • Info on a player

Guild leaders can now start delegating to other trusted members.

Guilds: Limit to 20 members

Now the max number of members for each guild will be: 20 members.
The limit is not applied to existing guilds whose member number exceeds 20. They can keep all members but new members will not be allowed to join unless some free space is created.

See you soon for more news

Underworld 8.0.1

Hi all,
some news about the latest version of the game, now on-line.

Heal companions

For the magic-powered characters there is a new ability today: The healing potion can be applied to a character by doing:

COMBINE potion WITH person

With this one the cleric, sorceress or the dark entity can effictevely help their mates.

Attention: this ability is reserved to those who have more than 10 Experience points.

Greedy Robots

Having noticed that many sacks of coins were laying around the castle, I have prevented monsters from dropping money.
This means that no more money sacks will be dropped any more with the twofold benefit of keeping order in the castle and giving you, aggressive players, more reasons to fight!

Personal spells

The game now allows granting personal, permanent spells.
These will be grantes as prizes for future online challenges. Stay tuned!

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