The best players of October 2011

Our Permanent Competition continues and, according to the official competition’s chart, we are proud to announce


* In the categories Richness,Best Killer,Max connection time have been won by Killer, the warrior!! Good, he gets: +500×3=1,500 gold coins prize!
* Categories Best King,Best Infector have been won by Grimstooth the vampire. These awarded: +500×2=1,000 gold coins prize!

Killer the warrior is this month’s best all-round player, he may get a customized avatar with the money just won.

See you in the cursed castle! (BTW, did I mention that the competition is totally free?)

Underworld Online opens to same-gender weddings

Wanna marry a Dark Entity you find particularly charming?

Starting from today, Underworld online open its door to same-gender weddings. This could be the chance to re-discover this feature of the game. An entertaining feature but that lets you get extra Score points, since what you got from your husband/wife is automatically earned also by you without any labour.

If things go wrong? Rumors are there are some good divorcist lawyer-clerics in the castle – just ask around.

Permament Competition

In order to add further interest to our game we are launching the


every month winners will be drawn out of each category listed in the Hall of Fame, namely:

  • Player with highest level
  • Player with highest score
  • Best king or queen
  • Richest player
  • Toughest killer
  • Best infector
  • Most active craftsmen/craftswoman
  • Best magician
  • Most connected

The winner will be the one having had the best increment in a specific category with respect to the previous month (simply put: the monthly winners are the first ones in this special chart, updated each month).

Since we are counting increments with respect to the previous month, all active players will have equal chance to win.

Each month, each winner will get a prize credit of 500 coins with which (s)he will get a brand new personal and custom avatar, (after winning the 500 coins just follow the procedure explained in the instructions).

Winners’ names will be published on the on our Facebook page.

In specific months will be assigned personal and special weapons to winners. Availability of special prices will be communicated in advance on the facebook page.



For the best all-round winner until next Christmas, a special extra prize: the game’s Fantasy Calendar 2012 delivered to your own home for the new year’s eve.

This month’s chart

find this month’s chart for the permanent competition here!


Start competing now – it’s 100% free – you just have to PLAY!


Underworld 9.3.2


With the start of conflicts and the guild Wars, the troubles in the kingdom begin.

The times of prosperity has now come to an end. There was also a rumour that goods shops would soon be exhausted.

But it is right in the hard times that the toughest manage to survive …

As you may have understood, money is beginning to be scarce.

You won’t find more enemies that go around with money in their pockets.
From today the money should be earned with trade and the manufacture of objects, and this part will be extended in the coming days.

Every beginner will have an automatic initial credit of 100 coins, to be spent wisely.

Items’ availability in stores

There is limited availability for the following items:

— Healing Potions (!)
— Axes normal Lev. 3
— Bombs (!)
— Spells

These are items that can be created.
One may ask: How do we produce bombs?

Production of bombs

The bombs can be produced today by the artisans of Level 2 or above.

Keep your equipment!

We tried to solve the issue of equipment that is lost when you exit the game, and we are on the road to have resolved the issue.
Still the mechanism is not perfect but thanks to your reports it will be in short. Let’s see how it works.

Clicking [SAVE] everything works as before. If you exit and return, the system tries to re-assign your items back. If they have been taken away, the system tries to give you other similar items.

Clicking [SAVE AND EXIT] however, after the usual request password, the objects that you who are in the catalogue are destroyed and saved in your profile.
When you will log back in, the items will be re-created and will be returned to you in their original state.

In conclusion:
— If you want to exit the game and stop for a bit, do [SAVE AND EXIT] and you will get your “catalogue” items back when you log in next time.
— If you want to continue to play, click [SAVE] and everything will work as before.

Wizards: attack in one click

By popular demand, we extended to magicians the system for selecting weapons (they need to be spells!). Use the [ATTACK] button to attack with your favorite spell with a single click.
If you want to cast other spells, just use the regular [SPELL] command with two clicks, which works as before.

Invasion of soldiers!

As well as the invasion of monsters, the arrival of a legion of soldiers is now among the unexpected things that can occur.

Command the robot characters

The robots characters now respond to your commands!!

Some notes:

— Robots accept commands only from those who are recognized as “allies” (humans with humans – monsters with monsters)

— Now that the system works, many interesting innovations will come soon. The fact that you can control robots will change the way we play because in fact expands the range of your choices and strategies that you can put into place.

— The base logic will be that who has the highest level will be able to give more powerful commands. The king / queen will also have more opportunities compared to ordinary mortals so there will be more struggles for the crown.
The progeny of evil

Vampires and Wolves had no way to earn money so far, but now they have one: to create their progeny!

When a human gets infected, he “knows” to be your adept and that this information is visible when you look at him.
But here is the best part:
your followers accept that you order to them to go and propagate the infection.
If they are successful, for each new adept that THEY make on your behalf, YOU earn 5 coins and furthermore you have a new adept to which you can still command.
If you are good at controlling your army of vampires or wolves, soon your richness will grow.

Some notes:
— You do not earn coins for infectiong players (otherwise someone with two characters could quickly build a wealth without fatigue)
— The leader of the infection must be connected to the game and in the area where the infection occurs. Otherwise money is not credited, even though the infection progresses.

Have fun!