We are about to arganise a tournament/competition whoe winners will be awarded in-game prizes such as extra levels, personal weapons, special Arts not yet available for public.

News will be posted soon, in the meantime we recommend to join the game and possibly join a guild for the competition.

News soon on the competitions page!

Underworld 9.0.7

The game gets a new enhancement: ARTS OF ATTACK AND DEFENSE!

How to get them

Arts of attack and defense can be acquired (learned) in several ways: for instance, by achieving special results or by attending magic events.
The first Arts will be available via magic gems that you could buy in the Armory and in-game shops.

They will cost huge money.

Please consider, though, that once used the gem, the Art is learned and it will stay yours for good.

You can buy a gem and donate it to others, but once used it will dissolve itself so it can be used just once.

How to activate Arts

You can select one Art for Attack and one Art for Defense at a time.

Do so with the control panel, INFO button, under the weapon and protection selections you will find Attack/Defense Arts.

There will be many and since during the game you will acquire them, it is important to choose the best one case by case.

Available Arts

At the moment you have two Arts that can be acquired with magic gems:

Art of Counterattack

it’s a defense one. If they attack you and your character is helthy, he will counter-attack by using the weapon you have selected in the control panel. Magic-powered characters will notice that a physical weapon is used, not one of the available spells.

Level 2 required

Art of Double Hit

This is an Attack art and it is a killer one. If you attack and you’re healthy, a second attack is automatically launched.

Level 6 required


Arts will not operate in chain-reaction style.

For example: if you have both Counterattack and Double Hit active, during the counter-attack your character will attack just one time (one would expect that because of Duble Hit is active he will attack twice, but it isn’t so).

More Arts will come, variants and combinations are practically unlimited.

Keep on playing and you will see. Have fun!

Underworld 9.0.6

Introducing the Affinity parameter.

Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

The four elements with which the world is composed.

Each character – even yourself – has an Affinity.
Choose the Affinity parameters that best describe your liking to the four elements. Also, Affinity describes the way you move and fight.

  • Water: Curvilinear movements, difficult to predict
  • Earth: Tough, well planted on the ground, resistant
  • Wind: Light and sharp
  • Fire: Elegant and fast

When choosing objects, you should use those that best complement your natural affinity, in order to let you face properly most enemies.

Underworld 9.0.1

Hi there!
Since this version, we have some news: the choice for Equipment.

By clicking on the INFO button you will see, in your player profile, a few drop-down menus that let you choose the equipment to be used for atack and defense.

The main news is that ALL player classes can make these choices.

These are being used by all, and I mean ALL player types.
Notice: Iron protections value now 5 defense points instead of 2 as earlier.

Attrack weapons
For Clerics/Sorceresses this weapon choice is BY NOW useless.
In the future, when you’ll be able to learn the “Counter-attack Art”, your character will be able to automatically counterattack by using the chosen weapon.

For the attacks initiated by your own will, you will continue using spells as you usually do.

Dark Entities will be able to use an attack weapon (they have got the Attack command button). Perhaps in the future a limitation will be applied on them, as we do today for Craftsmen.

Usage logic
The choice of the weapon/protection is operated automatically only when you pick up one and you don’t have any yet.
In all other cases (eg. when you’ve got two or more weapons available) you have to decide yourself which one to use.

Now you might be thinking:
Why to have to choose when it is obvious that I will always be using the most powerful weapon?

Actually today the weapon choice is not anything special. It’s obvious you will always choose the most powerful you can afford.
But in a few days, we will introduce a new game element: The AFFINITY, and things will get more complicated, and fun.

Let’s suppose that you will have a single, strong affinity with the WATER element.

If you get attacked by a character whose affinity is strong to FIRE, this attack will disorient you because the attacker moves in a way that is innatural to you.
So you may compensate the gap by using a shield with affinity to FIRE, it will make you capable of facing and reacting better to this specific attack style.

On emore example.

You have to attack an enemy much similar to you, but you want to disorient him.
You will choose a weapon with affinity to an element with which he has no affinity.
This will disturb him, and your attack will be devastating.

You got the idea. You will have to use brains and choose the right equipment at the right moment.

You will need capable backpacks and special containers named ‘magic boxes’ will be available to let you store unlimited equipment, idea that I took from a famous RPG named Vagrant Story.

See you soon then, and thanks for your appreciation and support!

Underworld 9.0.0

On-line, at last, the game using today a new logic for managing player’s career in the game, depending on their Level.

  • Much of what you can or cannot do in the game will depend from this parameter – so read the Quick Guide for more details.


Underworld 8.2.0

Hi all!

After some time of substantial inactivity, new modifications of the game are coming. These are expected to bring new life to it.

First of all, we have worked a bit on the user interface to make it more intuitive and friendly, especially for the new players.

  • Today you will find a [MAP] button, which is used to show (or hide) the map of the area/floor where you are. The map works just like a GPS, you see yourself on it by means of a tiny square.

    The map will keep your hands busy so if you want to fight or issue player-specific operations you need to pocket the map first.

  • Most of the staircases and the doors are now clickable and it is now easier to move around in the castle.
  • The maps of the castle are also available in a Powerpoint file, so if you are interested see the Maps page on this website.
  • On this website, we have removed the possibility to register: it was sudendly clear that many users were registering here with the intention to use the accunt in the game (the game is a separate thing from this site). Furthermore, it appeared that the “forgot password” functionality on this websitewas used many times but it is clear that many users were hoping to recover the password for entering the game – for this you just need to post on the users’ Forum.

We hope to have been able to make the game more linear and user-friendly. If you will play Underworld Online in the next months you will see it evolving and becoming a great Fantasy RPG. This game is and will always remain free for all to play with.