In the game you can build buildings. These can be used either as a guild‘s headquarters and even for private use.
Aesthetical features vary according to the price, but actual Resistance and Capacity will depend on your guild’s size and power.

Private buildings have a fixed Capacity of 5 people and a Resistance of 50 hits.


Price: 500

Brick House

Price: 1000


Price: 2000

Who can enter?

In a a guild‘s headquarters only the members of that guild can come in. In the private home of a person only the owner is admitted.

Buildings provide exceptional protection and privacy: you can store objects inside, also what you say inside cannot be heard from outside. Furthermore, from inside you can hear everything they say outside.

The masters of the game can enter any building.

How to build

The only person capable of building buildings is Rookie. Look for him, he’s outside the castle, and ask him about the desired building type. As soon as you give him the target proce, he will hand you a flag which you have to drop in the desired place. There Rookie will build a headquarters for the guild you belong to.


Buildings can be destroyed with bombs. Buy bombs o search for it, then make them explode next to the building. Examine the building and note that the Resist parameter lowers after each explosion. As soon as the Resistence of the building reaches zero, it will break down.

When the Headquarters get bombed, an alert is sent to all the players…. if you’re there for bombing, then be prepared to battle!


After being damaged, buildings that are not yet destroyed can be repaired.

This ervice is offered by Rookie after giving him a fee of some coins. Refer to him with confidence each time your Headquarter gets damaged.


By entering in the guild’s headquarters, a statistics gets compiled automatically. The statistics will count all the killed enemies. This statistics page is created once a day. A message will inform guests about who got the latest statistics. The statistics page shall not be dropped to the ground, because it will vanish immediately.

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