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Underworld online happenings on Facebook and Twitter

Starting from today, everybody can follow the main in-game happenings, almost in real time from our Facebook and Twitter pages.
The game publishes through an automatic feed the main ongoing events, namely:

  • When a players gets approved in a guild
  • When a new headquarters building gets built
  • When a headquarters building is attacked with bombs
  • When there is a new King or Queen
  • When a player advances to the next level
  • More…? Please suggest! (Soon more events will be added in order to make the game more fun to be followed from within the real world)

Plus, soon the RSS feed of the game events will be enhanced to include images from the game and will be made available to all those who want to keep in touch with iPod, iPhone iPad and the existing RSS feed readers.

Play Underworld online with your friends today, have great time and be published on Facebook and Twitter in almost real time!


* = Facebook and Twitter pages get updated in a short time span, ranging from 1 to 31 minutes

Permament Competition

In order to add further interest to our game we are launching the


every month winners will be drawn out of each category listed in the Hall of Fame, namely:

  • Player with highest level
  • Player with highest score
  • Best king or queen
  • Richest player
  • Toughest killer
  • Best infector
  • Most active craftsmen/craftswoman
  • Best magician
  • Most connected

The winner will be the one having had the best increment in a specific category with respect to the previous month (simply put: the monthly winners are the first ones in this special chart, updated each month).

Since we are counting increments with respect to the previous month, all active players will have equal chance to win.

Each month, each winner will get a prize credit of 500 coins with which (s)he will get a brand new personal and custom avatar, (after winning the 500 coins just follow the procedure explained in the instructions).

Winners’ names will be published on the forum and on our Facebook page.

In specific months will be assigned personal and special weapons to winners. Availability of special prices will be communicated in advance on the forum and on the facebook page.



For the best all-round winner until next Christmas, a special extra prize: the game’s Fantasy Calendar 2012 delivered to your own home for the new year’s eve.


This month’s chart

find this month’s chart for the permanent competition here!


Start competing now – it’s 100% free – you just have to PLAY!


Underworld Online on Facebook

Underworld Online has opened its Facebook Page.

This page has been created in order to facilitate game players to stay in touch easily and possibly have more fun with the game by creating guilds, organizing tournaments, etc.

The game is not yet intergrated into Facebook, but we foresee the possiblity to creater interactions and even to play the game within FB just like other games such as Farmville do.

Just go on the page and click [I Like] to stay up-to-date with all the recent news about the game and meet new friends!

Underworld goes Social

friends connect

Thanks to Google Friends Connect is now possible to keep in touch with friends and share comments, videos and information about the game.

Simply enter the Underworld MMORPG social network via the box located on the sidebar, and to explore the social network functionalities that are in your character card, linked to with your character badge.

Google Friends requires no registration and instantly connects to any existing Google account, Netlog, AIM and Yahoo.

Vinci (Florence, Italy) – Unicorno Medieval Fest 2009

festa unicornoWe will be present at the 2009 Edition of Unicorno Medieval Fest in Vinci – Florence, Tuscany Italy in the days of

Saturday and Sunday 25-26 July 2009

you may experience the new Sottomondo’s Collectible Cards game, built upon the Fantasy Art Project’s pictures.

Prints and gift items from Sottomondo and The Fantasy Art Project. Volouteers maight participate as models for the projects Fantasy Calendar and Collectible Cards Game.

Come and visit us in the days of:

July 2009
Saturday 25 – Sunday 26
in Vinci (Florence Tuscany – Italy)