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Underworld 9.2.0

Gem of Equilibrium

Interesting news for you players of Underworld Online!

Protection from the Whirl Spell

Attacks aimed at making you loose your items (whirl spell, weakening) can be today stoppped by using the Art of Equilibrium. In order to acquire this defense Art, you have just to buy and use its Gem at the price of 100 coins. For any Level. Warning: By activating this defense Art you cannot use at the same time the other useful Arts such as Survival: use the best strategy at the right moment!

Anti-invis Protect yourself from invisible enemies

You can now protect yourself from invisibile enemies attacking you, by using the new Anti-Invisibility Amulet: clears invisibility of who is using this power to attack you. Magicians: you cannot make yourself invisible while wearing this Amulet.


One more unexpected event adds to the existing ones (villains poisoning, monsters invasion): the Earthquake is a real disaster. All characters will have their items dropped to the ground and all the bombs will blow up!

Invite your friends to join, the more we are, the more we’ll have fun!

Underworld 9.1.8

Peace and Love

Some news about the latest release that you can currently play on-line.

introducing Pacific Guilds

Each guild leader has got today the possibility to turn its guild into pacific type, and this choice will be immediately visibile from the symbol besides the guild’s name.

The “Toggle guild type” command can be used also to turn the guild from pacific to warrior type, just execute it again.
Please note: this operation costs 5000 coins (subtracted from your guild account) so it is not an operation to be done every day.

Once a guild is set to pacific, what changes?

  • The member of a pacific guild cannot be attacked by any player.
  • on the counterpart,

  • The member of a pacific guild cannot attack any other player.
  • Nothing changes for attacks directed to computer-controlled characters (MOB) – these can be attacked

Who belongs to a pacific guild cannot handle explosives or launch – if magician – annoying spells.

The belonging to a pacific guild will exclude from any tournament or competition based on killings, and excludes the guild from the guild wars, which will be re-introduced with interesting changes.

In case of doubts, the guilds pages has been updated for your convenience.

Affinities: more visible and comprehensive

When you look an enemy by clicking on him, you will read not only the art of attack/defense he is using, but also his base affinity (the one he chose at the beginning) and his affinity during the attack which depends upon the weapon he chose to use.

In order to better understand this information, please click [INFO] and examine your player profile: not only your base affinity is shown, but also your affinity during the attack, as well as your affinity during defense, that results from the combination between your own base affinity and the chosen protections (Shield/Armour/Helmet).

See you soon on-line for more news.

Invite your friends to join, the more we are and the more it’s fun!

Underworld 9.1.7

Entità Oscura

Some news about the latest release that you can currently play on-line, while we wait for the start of the new Monsters vs. Humans competition!

Examine you enemies

Starting from today it is no more dangerous to look at your enemies.
They don’t attack you any more just because you look at them, to examine them is the key to understand which arts of attack and defense they are using: This information is now visible together with all the rest.
Another news is that enemies are capable of using attack and defense arts, so you will soon learn which enemies are the toughest!

Headquarters demolition alerts

When a headquarters building is attacked with bombs, alerts are spread to all the game areas. Therefore you can act and have them repaired: remember that Rookie offers this as a service.

Experience advance via visits to your character card

You should know that for each 500 visits on your character card will award you a bonus of +1 Experience point. In order to transfer the bouns points on your character just use the button atthe bottom of the in-game INFO panel.

Good luck!

Underworld 9.1.6

Interesting news for our players!

  • Building repairs
    buildings can be now repaired by Rookie who, for the price of 100 coins will restore your guild’s Headquarters to the initial state. Please remember that headquarter’s resistance “when new” is equal to Nx10 where N is the number of guild members.
  • Rookie gives the change
    Most clever of you will notice that you can now pay Rookie for his services in a simpler way, it is no more necessary to use the “GIVE TO” command (thus losing any change left): the payment is managed the same natural way you do when buying items in a game’s shop.
  • Unique objects protection
    In order to prevent players from blocking the game, which is forbidden by our rules of play, a few unique objects such as the crown and the shiny key will stop you from entering your guild’s headquarters.
  • Have fun!!!

Underworld 9.1.5

Some news about the current running version:

Thresholds reduced to 50 percent

All the thresholds for advancement have been reduced to half, with the following exceptions:

  • spells
  • accesses to your character’s webpage

so you now can get an Experience advance with half the effort.

Wizards: Teleport Spell

By now the teleport spell will be counted for advancement only if you are Level 1 and only if used on yourselves. This limitation have been imposed to avoid easy advancements.

Battle data view optimized

The info displayed have been compacted so that you have all the necessary info at one glance.

Art of Poison Attack

Now available in the armory the Gem to acquire this new Attack Art. To neutralize the effect of poison you have to use an Antidote, also available from the shop’s catalogue, on sale at 20 coins.

Have fun!

Underworld 9.0.7

The game gets a new enhancement: ARTS OF ATTACK AND DEFENSE!

How to get them

Arts of attack and defense can be acquired (learned) in several ways: for instance, by achieving special results or by attending magic events.
The first Arts will be available via magic gems that you could buy in the Armory and in-game shops.

They will cost huge money.

Please consider, though, that once used the gem, the Art is learned and it will stay yours for good.

You can buy a gem and donate it to others, but once used it will dissolve itself so it can be used just once.

How to activate Arts

You can select one Art for Attack and one Art for Defense at a time.

Do so with the control panel, INFO button, under the weapon and protection selections you will find Attack/Defense Arts.

There will be many and since during the game you will acquire them, it is important to choose the best one case by case.

Available Arts

At the moment you have two Arts that can be acquired with magic gems:

Art of Counterattack

it’s a defense one. If they attack you and your character is helthy, he will counter-attack by using the weapon you have selected in the control panel. Magic-powered characters will notice that a physical weapon is used, not one of the available spells.

Level 2 required

Art of Double Hit

This is an Attack art and it is a killer one. If you attack and you’re healthy, a second attack is automatically launched.

Level 6 required


Arts will not operate in chain-reaction style.

For example: if you have both Counterattack and Double Hit active, during the counter-attack your character will attack just one time (one would expect that because of Duble Hit is active he will attack twice, but it isn’t so).

More Arts will come, variants and combinations are practically unlimited.

Keep on playing and you will see. Have fun!