Humans vs. Monsters



Competition for teams


Winners are all HUMAN or MONSTER players, according to which creature type has more governed the kingdom during the competition.

How it works

  • Each time a player becomes king or queen, a ticker automatically tracks the time (s)he has governed the kingdom
  • On the connection screen it is always possibile to see if the situation is in favor to humans or to monsters. For instance, if monsters have ruled the kingdom with a percentage of time higher than 50%, the monsters are winning the competition
  • The party which at teh end of the competition resuklts to have ruled the kingdom for more time, will win. All players having played during the competition AND belonging tothe winning party will win the prize, provided that their class belongs to the winning party’s one.

How to participate

  • The participation is automatic and free for all
  • The competition is open also to the members of pacific guilds


  1. To be eligible for prize there is a minimum threshold of playing hours to be passed (3 hours) which you can verify on your character card.
  2. changing class is not admitted: if a player who should receive the prize results to have changed his/her class (from human to monster or vice versa) won’t get any prize. If you get infected and you cure yourself before the end of the competition, no problem (only the initial and final snapshot are considered).
  3. Game masters who participate to the competition are temporarily downgraded to normal players.
  4. The prizes will vary according the Humans/Monsters proportion that will result on players passing the 3-hour connection threshold. According to this table:
  • If the winning party was present 80% of the time and over – 1/4 prize
  • If the winning party was present from 71 to 79% of the time – 1/2 prize
  • If the winning party was present from 40 to 70% of the time – full prize
  • If the winning party was present less than 40% of the time: prize doubles