NewComers’ Tournament


Competitition for individuals (with bonuses for guilds)


This is a competition aimed to new players.

In brief, the winner is who can make the best results during the tournament’s time interval. Results are measured on 4 values.

How it works

  • The game status gets “photographed” at the beginning, middle and at the competition ending time.
  • There is a minimum threshold for admittance, so only the racing players having reached the minimum connection time threshold will be considered for prize attribution.
  • Since this is a competition aimed at new players, we automatically exclude the players who, at the beginning of the competition, own a character who exists since 15 days or more.
  • We evaluate each player upon 4 values: Level, Richness, Score and Connection time. For the competition results it’s not the absolute value that matters, but the increment that the player has obtained during the competition: we build the competition charts by using the increments obtained in all four values and we assign points to the first, al second and third best for each value’s chart.
  • The final chart result will be the average chart result obtained in all four values.
  • Example: if you rank first in the Score chart, in that value you get 3 points. If you rank second, you get 2 points, if you rank third you get 1 point. If you rank fourth, zero points. The same applies for the Richness chart, the Level chart and the Connection time chart. The average value of these results will give your final chart position.

How to participate

  • The participation is free for all and implicit for all “new” players
  • we consider “new” players all those who have been created from 15 days before the competition starts and owned by users who don’t own any older characters. The users who own even one character older than 15 days at the beginning of the competition are excluded from the prizes.


  • talent scout” Bonus: The guild that results to have accepted as a member any one of the future winners will win, on its guild money account, an amount equal to 5 times that of the winner. For the bonus to be valid, the future winner character must already result as a guild member when the middle-term chart is drawn.


  • Each “new player” will be subject to a verify. During this verify any player who is not new must declare him/herself out and exit the chart.
  • Any attempt to lie and prentend to be a “new player” is a cheting attempt so not only the player in question does not get any prize, but also all his/her other playing characters get penalyzed by a number of levels equal to that of the maximum prize.
  • The admin of the game holds the right to modify the rules or add new ones before,during and after the competition in case un-prevented cheating behaviours are discovered. There variations will be published also on the Forum, which all the participants are required to monitor during the competition days.

Prizes, Additional Rules, Notes

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