Permanent Competition

Competition Type

for single players (partially for guilds)


With a 1 year time span, this competition awards each month the players who make the best performance in each of the chart’s categories.

The standard prize is of 500 gold coins for each won category, but the prize can vary from month to month (see our Facebook Group for announces)

This is a completely destructured competition, where everyone can choose his/her favourite chart category to rank first.

How it works

  • The game situation gets “photographed” at the beginning and at the end of each month.
  • The participation is automatic for all, if you play you are automatically one of the competitors.
  • Each participant gets evaluated in all the chart’s categories. For the competition’s purposes it is not important the absolute value of these indicators, but the increment you made during the month: the special chart is calculated with increments only and for each category who ranks 1st wins.
  • There is a final prize for the best “all-round” player, the one who has made the best performance in most categories for most months.
  • Please note: because the competition is based upon increments, the beginner has the same chances to win as the veteran. Participate!

How to participate

  • The participation is automatic and free for all.
  • If you don’t want to participate, simply don’t bother.


  • The game admin can modify the rules and introduce new ones during the competition, in order to limit behaviours affecting negatively the competition. Any modification to the rules will be published on our social channels (Telegram and Facebook Group), which all the competitors should follow for the duration of the competition.