Gift Items

If you like the game, a great way to support this self-sustained project is to buy one of the gift items we have created with the pictures inspired from the game.

Fantasy Calendar

A great calendar with fantasy images inspired from this game.

Print and delivery by DeviantArt.

Fantasy Mugs

Tazza ClericThey are really wonderful ceramic mugs with game’s fantasy pictures. It is a pleasure having them on top your desk or kitchen in every moment of the day, or for breakfast time.

These mugs can be chosen starting from this page:
Fantasy Mugs/Sottomondo

Just pick the picture you like, click onto it and follow the “Buy this” link to order securely – remember to select MUG before putting it in your shopping cart. You can choose either the BLACK version (recommended) or the WHITE version, normal or large size.

Secure cart, order processing and delivery by the worldwide known DeviantArt shop.

Watches, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and more

For each picture there could be more items such as Canvas Prints, Ceramic Tiles, Magnets, Postcards, Puzzles and Mouse Pads. Just folow the link to DeviantArt. Start from te picture you like and buy the item you want.

There is a variety of other items, created for this game’s fans. Discover them on this CafePress space:

Free for all: Screen Saver and backgrounds for desktop and cellular

Download for free. From this page:

Screen Savers and cellular/desktop backgrounds, Free

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