Lord GuilfordThis game encourage user to mutually associate into guilds. This section explains you how in a F.A.Q. fashion.

Q. What is a guild?

It is a sort of a club or association.
In a guild, people are bound together and agree to a common goal, thus introducing a specific, personal goal in the game.
A guild is founded by a player who becomes the guild’s owner or leader, can have its own logo, website, and its headquarters where to have secret meetings and store valuable items. The leader can delegate most powers to trusted persons called delegates.
A guild can be either of pacific or warrior type. Guild’s type has got a special meaning in the game, see below.

Q. What about the guild’s type?

  • A guild of warrior type is basically a fighter’s club. This is the standard guild type. Members of warrior guilds can do everything.
  • Peace and LoveA pacific guild is an association of players who don’t like to fight with other players. Members of a pacific guild cannot be attacked by players and cannot attack or harm other players, they cannot handle explosives or cast annoying spells on players. Pacific guilds cannot participate to Guild Wars.

Q. How do I join a guild?

Go to the south-west tower in the castle area, face south and enter the door. You are in the guilds’ room, and you will meet Lord Guilford (picture right).
Here you can issue commands selecting from a drop-down list.

Select “Join this guild” from the 1st drop down, select the desired guild from the 2nd drop-down, then click the “Do this” button.

Your join request will be recorded and needs now to be approved by the guild leader.
When you connect later you will be informed about the status of your own request.

Q. Who can create guilds?

Everybody can start a new guild, provided he/she has at least Level 3.

Q. How do I start a guild?

To create a guild, go to the room located in the south-west
tower. You will find Lord Guilford there.

Then type a name for the guild to be created in the text box, select Create a new guild in the commands drop-down, then click the [DO THIS] command button.

If you have the minumum Level required, the guild will be now created. If not, you will get a warning message from Lord Guilford.

By using a similar approach, you can also set a web page for your guild, set an icon for your guild and ban a user from your guild.

You are ancouraged to create your own guild’s webpage on our WIKI, here but you can use also other services as well.

Q. What does Guild’s delegate mean?

The guild owner can delegate his/her powers to one of more persons of choice, named delegates. Any delegate can do almost every special operation on the guild (approving and deleting members, starting a war, etc.), except for deleting the guild itself.
Guild delegateThe guild delegates can be reckognized by the delegate icon (side) in their profile.

Q. Why do guilds are important?

By starting a guild you deserve to choose a special goal for the members of your own guild. This means that the goal of the game will be greatly influenced by existing guilds and their goals.
Always make sure that you have set clear a goal for your own guildĀ  (save the kingdom? breed zombies? create richness? destroy vampires? Your choice!), who are the welcome members (humans? monsters? werewolves? both?).
This information should be clearly stated on the guild’s webpage or at least users should be able to figure it out from the guild’s name.

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