Guild Wars

Guild Wars

How it works

  • Guilds can challenge themselves in wars, which can be considered as little guild-oriented competitions
  • The management of all war operations, as well as the reports about the ongoing situation, is done in the War Room, located in the castle.
  • At the war’s end, the results are recorded and will stay visible permanently in the war room.
  • The winner guild will gain a war prize thus increasing its members’ richness and Levels: more power to rule the kingdom!

War prize

When a war ends and there is a winner, a war prize is gathered from each member of the losing guild, this way:

  • 1% of the Level – if you are Level 10 you loose 1 Exp point
  • 1 per thousand of the richness (money placed at Garumir’s bank)

The gathered war prize goodies are distributed in equal parts to the members to the winner guild.

How to start a war

  • The first step is to declare war to another guild. The guild leader or his/her delegates can issue a war declaration in the War Room.
  • As soon as a member of the challenged guild logs in, she will be notified that the war is about to commence. Now the user should advise her/his guild companions. The war starts after a fixed amount of time, as soon as a member of the challenged guild logs in again.
  • At the war start, the reciprocal kills situation is recorded and the war is listed in the Wars in progress list in the War Room. Besides, it will be displayed the initial date/time, the inital/current kill situation (only reciprocal kills are counted), plus a final date, which is the time/date at which the war will end.
  • There is no way that you can avoid fighting a war, once you get challenged. Those who don’t want to participate to wars should switch their guild to PACIFIC type
  • As long as a guild is engaged in a war, nobody can leave the guild or join it.
  • The war can end up with a winner, but it can also stop with a no-win result: this happens in case the per-member average kills increment is too little.
  • Wins and losses are recorded in a War Report which is given to either guild as a reference. You can copy-paste the contents of this report on our forum if you have any doubts on it.

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