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Class: Werewolf (M)
Level: 8
Experience: 8
Strength: 24
Credits: 2523
Kills: 252
Score: 200
InfectedHumans: 1216

On-line hours: 30
Latest login in the game: 2017-04-16 08:13:37
Latest save game: 2017-04-16 08:14:15
Profile created: 16-08-2016 06:03
Visits so far: 813

Renaldi' Renaldi - Alternate avatar

Learnt Arts: Art for Defense: Counter-attack
Art for Attack: None

GuildGuild: by Renaldi
Weapons: 3
Water sword p2 Water sword p2
Water sword p3 Water sword p3
lions sword lions sword

Protections: 5
iron helmet (Water) iron helmet (Water)
iron helmet p6 Wt iron helmet p6 Wt
iron shield (Water) iron shield (Water)
wood armour (Water) wood armour (Water)
iron armour (Water) iron armour (Water)