Magic and Spells

Magic Items

These can be used by any player.

Healing Potion

When used, restores Health. Five uses are allowed, then needs to be refilled. Beware, in this game this resembles to other, poisonous bottles.


Clears the effect of poison. If your health is slowly decreasing, check any poison presence by clicking INFO.

Holy Cross

Can be used to recover from bites of vampires and werewolves (USE command).

Anti-Invisibility Amulet

Magic amulet giving to the bearer the power to stop invisibility. Works at phisycal contact.

Magic Book

When used, produces a magic effect. Look the book for further details.

Silver Ring

Shields from werewolves’ infectious attacks.

Gem of Affinity

Allows to alter oneself’s Affinity to the elements.

Diabolic Whip

Given only to experienced players, is used to send to jail annoying players. Works on telepathy principle. Light and small. Dissolves when dropped to the ground.

Magic Items for learning Arts

when used, they will assign a new Art of attack or defense that will be yours forever.


Gem of Survival

Makes you learn the Art of Survival (Lev 1 – When attacked, the healing potion is used automatically when necessary)

Gem of Equilibrium

Makes you learn the Art of Equilibrium (Lev 1 – Resistance to attacks aimed at making you drop your items).

Gem of Counterattack

Makes you learn the Art of Counterattack (Lev. 2 – When attacked, an attack is automatically launched upon response).

Rogue’s Magic Sphere

Makes you learn the Rogue Power (Lev. 4 – When attacked, half of the received damages are reflected onto the attacker).


Gem of Heavy Shot

Makes you learn the Art of Heavy Shot (Lev. 3 – Adds an additional 70% to damage done).

Gem of Life

Makes you learn the Art of Gain Life (Lev. 5 – Restores Health points equal to the 30% of the inflicted damage).

Gem of Double Hit

Makes you learn the Art of Double Hit (Lev. 6 – A second attack will be launched in quick sequence).

Gem of Poison

Makes you learn the Art of Poison Attack (Lev. 9 – Adds poison to the attack).


Plants and remedies


Properly combine a branch of this plant with fresh water to produce a healing potion.

Blue pill (invulnerability)

When used, this pill makes you invulnerable for a limited period of time. Warning: this medicine is toxic and must NOT be used too frequently, as it would lead to death.


Shields from vampire infectious attacks.



These can be cast only by a magician (Cleric or Sorceress).

Water spell

Refills empty bottles by turning them into healing potions. Characters having magical powers can achieve the same effect by filling the bottle with fresh water, and then combining it with a branch of Cymbidium.

Wind spell

Hurts an opponent with a wind blow.

Magic Power: 1

Fire spell

Hurts an opponent with a fire blow.

Magic Power: 2

Phoenix spell

Hurts an opponent with a combined fire+wind attack.

Magic Power: 3

Teleport spell

Teleports a character or an item at a random location. Can be used also
on the player itself.

Minimum required Experience level: 10 points – use on player itself always works, requires no minimum level

Whirl spell

Forces the opponent to drop all owned items.

Minimum required Experience level: 12 points

Invisibility spell

Makes any character invisible. Can be used also on the player itself.

Gemini Spell

Can duplicate spell tablets on empty, rock tablets. To use, cast this spell on the target spell to be cloned, while carrying a rock tablet in your inventory. Only some spells can be cloned: Wind, Fire and Water. Please note, eight uses are allowed, then it runs out of power.

Eye Spell

If used on certain opponents, it is able to generate a psicho-visual alteration that makes the victim to see multiple copies of standing people. It is an effective counter-measure against mob-vulnerable monsters. Effectiveness of the spell can be aither temporary or permanent, depending to the Level of the magician casting the spell.

Blood Spell

Drains from the victim an amount of Health that is inversely proportional to yours. The weaker you are, the more damage you will do.


More spells and magic items will be added soon, in future versions of this game.