Rule the kingdomUsually on the connection screen you will read:

“The New Kindom lives since ### days.”

The objective of the game is to get power, money and glory.
Secondarily, you shall make the best performance ever in ruling the Kindom.

The players’ best performances get recorded in the Hall of Fame page.

Score depends from richness, safety and prosperity you were able to grant to the people while you ruled. For more details about how this kingdom simulation works, just click here.

Cool things you can do in this game

  • Customize your avatar. Old Roland will turn your look into whatever you like (any GIF/JPG/PNG image can be used)
  • Create a guild or join one for great team competitions and guild wars.
  • Get married in the game. Nice cerimony in the chapel and chance to get extra Score points.
  • Build a house or fortress outside the castle (ask Rookie for this).
  • Have a drink at the castle’s tavern. Just call ‘INNKEEPER!!’ when you’re in.
  • Play music at the tavern’s jukebox. Your favorite tune will be heard by other players.
  • Build items, and create bomb traps. For craftsmen only.
  • Start a war against other guilds
  • …and many more (use your fantasy!)

Prequel: The conquer of the kingdom

Also named “Phase 1”

We are playing in this mode when the connection screen reads:

“### hours, minutes left before the fall of the

In this case your goal is to conquer the Kingdom. Each player an complete this quest the moment he/she got the crown and there are different ways to do it according to the player’s chosen role (the game will develop accordingly).

When this game phase completes, the name of the winner is recorded in the Hall of Fame. In that moment the game reverts back to normal operation.

Personal Quests

There can be additional and personal quests. For instance we have specific quests when we are running a tournament (see Competitions). Also, personal quests (with related prizes in money or items) can be defined by guild owners at their liking.
See the Guilds page, or read each guild’s manifest page for more information.
For any question, doubt or comment, you are welcome to join and post on our Facebook Group.


  • Search for the gold coins. Click SEARCH in every room you visit.
  • Use healing potions to survive to hits (restores Health).
  • The best gameplay is reached when others collaborate with you. This is a multiplayer: ask friends to join forces.
  • Give your money to Garumir to avoid your money getting stolen. You can always Withdraw money later.
  • Save your game often.

For more hints and *any* doubt, join our Facebook Group and ask!