To.. Do this
Speak type message + ENTER
Move around Click on the arrow icons
Show/hide the Map Click [ MAP] button
Status and combat set-up Click [infoINFO] button
Examine something Click object
Attack enemy Click [ATTACK], click enemy
Use object Click [USE], click object


Here is the meaning of values you read in you player’s profile:

  • Level – it’s the main one. Starts from 1 and progresses as your power grows. The higher this number, the more things you can do, the more objects you will be able to acquire and use.
  • Experience – ranges from 0 to 10 and represents the experience you accumulated in the present Level. When it reaches 10 you will advance to the next Level. To learn more click here
  • Strength – A measure of damage you would do by attacking an opponent without weapons. Your Strength will grow a bit for each killed enemy, until a maximum that is 10 for Level 1, then grows according to your Level advancement.
  • Kills – how many enemies you’ve defeated.
  • Credits – how much money you have stored at the castle’s bank (south-east tower). To learn more click here
  • InfectedHumans – (only for Werewolves and Vampires) – how many humans you could bite and turn into your own race.
  • Spells – (only for Chlerics, Sorceresses and Dark Entities) – how many spells you have successfully cast.
  • Crafts – (only for Craftsmen) – how many object you have been able to build.
  • Class – Your player’s type – you should not judge a player’s by his/her look, as avatars can be customised in this game.
  • Affinity – four values (1-4) that represent the affinity to the 4 elements Water, Earth, Wind and Fire and determine your personal style of moving and fighting. This information is shown only by clicking the [INFO] button. Learn more…

Click the [INFO] button at any moment to see your present situation and directions about the goals to be reached to advance in Experience until the next Level.

Players’ Complete Guide

The primary goal of the game is to acquire power, fame and glory, primarily by ruling the Kingdom of Graiel. You can do this either as good or as evil.

To.. Command Note
current place
Open something [OPEN] + item Some items may be locked. Use a key first
Close something [CLOSE] + item
to other players
(type message) +
press ENTER
What you said is heared only by the human players. To speak to computer-controlled actors, use the next method.
Speak to someone specific (Type the message)
+ [SAY] + click person
Works also with computer-controlled actors
Set up the weapon and protections to use, See next advance goals, and other information [INFO]
Customize your avatar See avatar section below
Get money See money section below
an enemy with a weapon
+ click enemy
Choose weapon/attack spell with [INFO] panel
a spell on something/someone
click spell icon
+ click target object/person
This command is available to magicians only
an item with another item
+ click 1st item
+ click 2nd item
This command is available to magicians only
Look around [LOOK] and again [LOOK]
Pick up an item [PICK] + item Click [PICK] twice to pick up all available objects.
Please note that your pockets have a limited capacity – Look for container objects that will add extra capacity.
Gather/ harvest resources [GATHER]
an item
[ DROP] + item
Lock/Unlock a door [UNLOCK/LOCK] It works only when carrying the correct key.
Give an item to someone [GIVE] + item + person Computer-controlled actors accept only some items, others not
something into something
[PUT] + item + container The container must be open and the item to be put must be movable. Both have to be at hand.
an object
[HIDE] + object Click [HIDE] twice for quickly hiding everything you own.
an item
[BUY] + object You must be in a shop
an item
[SELL] + object You must be in a shop. Selling price would be 80% of the item’s purchased price.
Quit and save
current inventory
[SAVE AND EXIT] When you will re-connect with the same nickname you will continue with most of the same inventory items. If you don’t want to qut playing but still want to save, simply click [SAVE] instead.

the game

Underworld Online (literally from the Italian original version, Sottomondo) is a free MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Each player connects to the game using a nickname.
You create your character by choosing your desired Class according to the role you want to take: this choice will influence the objectives to be reached in the game and the way you will interact with other players and the game environment. You can choose among several types of humans and monsters.

For a first attempt, we recommend you to go around and simply try to stay alive, while getting confidence with other players. once you have understood how to move and to perform actions, you will discover there are many, many things you can do in this game including main and secondary Quests, explained here.

Each player can carry or wear objects that will be visible in the “Inventory” list.
Pockets have a limited capacity but some items can be worn (e.g. armours) so they don’t take any space. Other objects are containers so they increase your ability of carrying items. Examine (click) other characters to see what they are carrying.

Inside the game, everything happens in real time, as if it was another dimension, parallel to ours.

Please note that in Underworld time is running faster than in ours: one day in Underworld equals to one (real) hour in our world.

Important: Save often your game situation and, if you decide to quit playing, click [ SAVE & EXIT].

When you quit and when you use the [ DISCONNECT] command, your character disappears while dropping all the carried objects. If you close the browser or if the internet connection breaks, your character will remain still for 60 seconds and then will be automatically terminated.


Your avatar can be customized by using whatever image published on the Internet.

In order to customize your avatar you have to go to Old Ronald’s (see right) in the area outside of the castle, bring 500 coins with you. You can choose a cool avatar or read this tutorial…

Customize your avatar so to have an exclusive look and immediately be reckognized by other players!


For a number of reasons you will have to engage combats with enemies.

Most races can attack even with bare hands, while magicians must use attack spells.

Weapon and protections to be used are set up via the control panel, you open it by clicking the [INFO] button at any time.

For attacking an enemy you have to click two times: first click on the [ATTACK] button and second click on the enemy. The attack is targeted at random to head, body or arms and can have a variable impact depending from: the weapon’s Power, but also from the protections that the opponent is wearing, and from recyprocal affinity to elements.

Spells and Magic Items

Cheracters capable of using magic can cast spells. There are magic items that can be used by any character regardless of Class.

Spells in general have to be cast by three clicks: first click on the [SPELL] button, second click on the spell to be cast (spells are represented by a square tablet with a coloured symbol) and third click on the character you want to cast the spell upon.

Some spells can be used on yourself, in this case as it goes for any magic items in general, just use them with the [USE] command.

For a list of all the spells and magic items, see the Spells and Magic page.

Art of Attack and Defense

During the game it is possible to learn special Arts, that are grouped in Arts of Attack and Arts of Defense. These will give your character better chances for success and if you have learnt several Arts you can select the ones to be used from the control panel, click the [INFO] button.

Most Arts can be acquired by buying a special gem (see: Magic Items).

Arts of Attack

  • Heavy Shot (Lev 3): Adds an additional 70% to damage done.
  • Gain Life (Lev 5): Restores Health points equal to 30% of te inflicted damage.
  • Double Hit (Lev 6): A second attack will be launched in quick sequence.
  • Poison Attack (Lev 9): Adds poison to the attack.

Arts of Defense

  • Survival (Lev 1): When attacked, the healing potion is used automatically when necessary.
  • Equilibrium (Lev 1): Resistance to attacks that can make you drop your items.
  • Counterattack (Lev 2): When attacked, an attack is automatically launched upon response.
  • Rogue Power (Lev 4): When attacked, half of the received damages are reflected onto the attacker.

Saving game

Use the [ SAVE] command often.
When you want to quit playing, click [SAVE AND EXIT]: this command pulls all your inventory items out from the game and stores them away, and it lets you protect your game profile with a password. When you will return all your items will be reconstructed, with the only exclusion of unique objects.

A few objects are unique and necessary for the game. These cannot be stored away so most likely other players will get and use these items while you are away.

Money and Credits

Even though the coins you gather will be stored away with the [ SAVE & EXIT] command, it is quite risky to go around carrying big money: if you want to be certain not to loose your money, deposit them at Garumir‘s, south-east tower, who will convert them into Credits. Credits can be converted back into money at any time.

Increasing your Level

To advance to the next Level click [infoINFO] and try to reach the indicated goals to get Experience increases. When your Experience reaches 10 you get to the next Level.

Get Experience points in several ways:

    • Kill enemies – Kills parameter
    • Rule the Kingdom – Score parameter.
      to learn more on the kingdom simulation, click here
    • for magicians only: Cast spells – Spells parameter
    • for Vampires and WereWolves only: Infect humans and turn them into your race – InfectedHumans parameter
    • for Craftsmen only: Build objects – Crafts parameter

The thresholds to be reached are indicated when clicking the [INFO] button.

  • For all players: You get +1 Experience point for every 500 visits to either your graphic badge or your player card – Create your player badge and use it on your home page, website, mySpace, forums and signature to gain Experience points without doing actually anything!

Affinity to Elements

Water, Earth, Wind and Fire.

The four elements with which the world is composed.

Each character – even yourself – has an Affinity.
Choose the Affinity parameters that best describe your liking to the four elements. Also, Affinity describes the way you move and fight.

  • Water: Curvilinear movements, difficult to predict
  • Earth: Tough, well planted on the ground, resistant
  • Wind: Light and sharp
  • Fire: Elegant and fast

When choosing objects, you should use those that best complement your natural affinity, in order to let you face properly most enemies.

Always remeber the recipe for victory:
When attacking, use an affinity different or overcoming the one the victim is using for defense, in order to disorient the opponent.
When defending, use an affinity equal or overcoming the one the attacker is using, to be prepared, dodge and shield the hits.

Characters and robots

The computer-controlled actors are virtually identical to players, except for they are controlled by the system. They can speak, give you objects and trade them, react to events, even change mood and behaviour.

By commanding one or more robot characters you can reach your goals faster and earn money.

To all the robot characters who are your allies you can give commands. Click on the characters to see the list of commands that you can give them!

To learn more about characters, see:


There are several items in the game which you can pick up, use or even combine with others. you can give items to other players and, in some cases, they are accepted also by the computer-controlled characters which might give you something in return. Some items can contain other ones (command: put this into that), they can be opened or closed or even locked. In some cases you may want to hide them so that other players cannot pick them up easily.

You cannot steal an item owned by somebody, even though there are some cases in which a player is forced to drop all that he is carrying (weakness, explosions, spells, player’s death or lost connection, other).

Crafting Objects

Craftsmen are characters with the ability to craft objects. Built objects can be sold, used personally or even traded for other objects or favors.

Here is a quick guide to crafting objects

  • Weapons: Get a rock block and go to the blacksmith cell. Put the rock block into the pot, use fire with the pot to melt down metal, use the hammer with the pot. The type of the weapon produced will depend on the Level of the crafting player
  • Protections:Get a rock block and a protection (shield, armor or helmet) to be used as a template. Go to the blacksmith cell. Put the rock block into the pot, use fire with the pot to melt down metal, use the template protection with the pot.
  • Glass bottles: Get some sand by using a bowl and go to the blacksmith cell. Let the sand to fall into the pot. Use fire with the pot to produce melted glass, use the glass template with the pot.
  • Bombs: Use an empty bottle with pyric powder.
  • Explosive traps: Use a bomb together with a mouse trap.

Doors and passages

Through them you move around in the game, but sometimes you will have to open a door first. Some doors are locked, you need to own the appropriate key to unlock it. There are also a few special ways to open secret passages or transport you elsewhere, find it yourself!


The users can associate and organize themselves into guilds and quickly gain Experience points and money by challenging others into Guild Wars.

Learn more about Guilds…

Personal Profile

Cliccando [INFO] viene visualizzato il profilo personale.


In this section you find the link to your character card, and a link to the Underwolrd’s badge creation wizard: the more you make your character card and badge visible, the more opportunities you have to increase your Level (see also: Level advancement).


Each time that your character is used by a user that owns another character, a sort of “digital” footprint is left here.

If you suspect that someone has discovered your password and is using your game profile without permission, change your password immediately and contact hames masters by using the Forum.

Note: Mis-interpetation of this digital footprint is very common! For exaple, if you used your character when playing from your friend’s computer, it is possible that your friend’s footprint results on your game profile. Be kind to friends and relatives before accusing them to use your game profile, and remember: changing your password is the best way to ensure that only you can use your player profile.

Problems? Doubts? Questions?

Underworld Online is a very complex game, and all topics that are not covered in this guide can be found here:

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