Russian? We need you for Game Development!

Are you an IT person speaking russian? We need you for paid work!

The mission

  1. We want to launch the Underworld Online game (this game) in Russian language.
  2. We want to have the Underworld Online game site (this one) in Russian.
  3. We want to have Underworld Online (Russian) running as vKontakte application.
  4. We want to promote this new-born Russian version.


  1. Translate the Underworld Online game in Russian language. This requires some skill in using the DimensioneX game engine (it’s fairly easy – there’s a tutorial in English available and all software tools are free and available)
  2. Translate the Underworld Online game site (this one) in Russian. I’t s made with WordPress and you will work on a clone of the site. Easy task here, php programming skills might be handy in adapting a plugin used for the charts.
  3. Help developing an interface to make Underworld Online run into as embedded/IFRAME application. We already have an interface working perfectly for Facebook, developed in php. This shouldn’t be difficult either.
  4. We need help on promotion/web marketing of the game and site and vkontakte app. Here, some skills in web marketing and a profile on vKontakte with many friends might help a lot.

What we offer

  1. The full income due to AdWords ads on the Russian Version. All ads on the web site will be tied to your AdSense account (you need to have one) for the first year of operation. The more the game gests up, the more you get. 100 percent. easy. We expect this to be worth from 100$ to 500$ by the end of the first year.
  2. Full credits on the website and in the game login screen
  3. Link to your website from the game site

Support will be given in the tasks, we did this for Italian language already, so you will not be alone.

How to apply

First, please note we need someone capable of following all 4 steps.

Please do not apply if you’re under 18 years old, if you’re a beginner, if you can’t write correctly Russian, if you don’t understand English, if you have no experience in gaming/web/development/vKontakte.

We estimate up to 5 days of work (perhaps less). If you have just a bunch of spare hours and cannot commit to the task because of study/other work/other matters, please avoid applying. We dearly welcome all contributions normally, but for this project please don’t make us waste time. We need the tasks to be done all together in a reasonable time span (1 month perhaps).

In case of the unexpected: If the applicant must stop the development before at least starting task #4, (s)he will lose the right to get income from AdSense. Credits and links will be given anyway.


For applying please send mail in English with CV in Russian to: [email protected]


Looking forward for a good candidate to start!