Rules of the game

This document states the rules of the game. By playing the game, each player agrees to observe these terms.


Behaviour rules are valid both during the game and in the Underworld game’s forum.

When you interact in the game and in the forum you have to bear in mind that you are interacting with diverse people with different age, culture, hetnicity and religion. Some people may find what you type inappropriate, offensive or badly interpet it. So please always try to be kind and respectful to others.

The popularity of the game strictly depends on people finding themselves comfortable, make friends and have fun together.

Bad wording

  • It is forbidden to use the forum or the game’s chat to offend other players. All those who will break this basic rule could be banned temporarily or forever.
  • Do not use bad words. Although most bad words are filtered out by the in-game chat system, never use bad words. If you get offended, do not respond but contact a game master via the game’s forum and report the offender’s name and IP number (when visible). Game masters will take the necessary actions.
  • It is strictly forbidden trying to hack the credentials of a game master. If discovered, you will be banned forever and your account(s) deleted immediately.

    Be kind to newbies

  • It has been demonstrated that the popularity of an online game such as “Underworld Online” depends on newbies.In order to let the newbies to get to grips with the game, expert users should not abuse of their experience to turn them off. It is a much better move to convince them to enter your own guild, and share your tips and tricks with them, so that you can gain more power.
  • For newbies protection we have created the ‚ÄúCatacombs?? area, where only the weakest users (plus game masters) can enter.In this area the newbies can face enemies of their own level, do some practice, increase strength and experience and then join the fight with all the remaining users.
  • If you have a doubt about the game you should look at the official website ( ), ask to any game master, or also post in the game’s forum.

    Game Profiles

    It is allowed to have more than a player profile.

    The player profiles are kept for 60 days since the last log-on.

    After this time limit, they can be deleted without any prior notice, and the same applies for the money you deoposit at Garumir’s in the game.

    The guilds owned by non-existent users will get deleted.

    Therefore, you have to connect to the game at least once every 60 (real) days.

    Server Downtimes

    There can be moments in which you will experience server slowdowns, errors, downtimes.

    Please be patient, we do our best to keep the game up-to-date, up and running. Best of all, the game will always be free to use for all.

    Game Masters List

    These nicknames correspond to game masters.

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