Underworld 9.1.5

Some news about the current running version:

Thresholds reduced to 50 percent

All the thresholds for advancement have been reduced to half, with the following exceptions:

  • spells
  • accesses to your character’s webpage

so you now can get an Experience advance with half the effort.

Wizards: Teleport Spell

By now the teleport spell will be counted for advancement only if you are Level 1 and only if used on yourselves. This limitation have been imposed to avoid easy advancements.

Battle data view optimized

The info displayed have been compacted so that you have all the necessary info at one glance.

Art of Poison Attack

Now available in the armory the Gem to acquire this new Attack Art. To neutralize the effect of poison you have to use an Antidote, also available from the shop’s catalogue, on sale at 20 coins.

Have fun!

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