Underworld 9.2.0

Gem of Equilibrium

Interesting news for you players of Underworld Online!

Protection from the Whirl Spell

Attacks aimed at making you loose your items (whirl spell, weakening) can be today stoppped by using the Art of Equilibrium. In order to acquire this defense Art, you have just to buy and use its Gem at the price of 100 coins. For any Level. Warning: By activating this defense Art you cannot use at the same time the other useful Arts such as Survival: use the best strategy at the right moment!

Anti-invis Protect yourself from invisible enemies

You can now protect yourself from invisibile enemies attacking you, by using the new Anti-Invisibility Amulet: clears invisibility of who is using this power to attack you. Magicians: you cannot make yourself invisible while wearing this Amulet.


One more unexpected event adds to the existing ones (villains poisoning, monsters invasion): the Earthquake is a real disaster. All characters will have their items dropped to the ground and all the bombs will blow up!

Invite your friends to join, the more we are, the more we’ll have fun!

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