Underworld online happenings on Facebook and Twitter

Starting from today, everybody can follow the main in-game happenings, almost in real time from our Facebook and Twitter pages.
The game publishes through an automatic feed the main ongoing events, namely:

  • When a players gets approved in a guild
  • When a new headquarters building gets built
  • When a headquarters building is attacked with bombs
  • When there is a new King or Queen
  • When a player advances to the next level
  • More…? Please suggest! (Soon more events will be added in order to make the game more fun to be followed from within the real world)

Plus, soon the RSS feed of the game events will be enhanced to include images from the game and will be made available to all those who want to keep in touch with iPod, iPhone iPad and the existing RSS feed readers.

Play Underworld online with your friends today, have great time and be published on Facebook and Twitter in almost real time!


* = Facebook and Twitter pages get updated in a short time span, ranging from 1 to 31 minutes