Several types available, with different features.

Usually on sale in any in-game shop, the Craftsmen will be able to build one for you.

Choose your weapon by paying attention to:

  • The Power, determines how much damag you will do with that weapon by adding to your ordinary physical Strength.
  • Affinity to the four elements. By choosing a weapon whose affinity is much different than those of the opponent’s will greatly disorient him and make more damage.


If you own multiple weapons, select the weapon to be used for next attacks in the screen you get by clicking on the [INFO] button. Use your strategy to select the best weapon for the specific opponent.


The protections Helmet/Shield/Body protect you from attacks sent to head, arms or body.

As for weapons, in the game there are several types and they can be bought in shops or built by Craftsmen.

They don’t occupy space because you just wear them.

Choose the best ones according to:

  • Protection index: how many hit-points the item is capable to shield.
  • Affinity to natural elements. By choosing a protection whose Affinity is matches those of the attacker’s will protect yourself better.

Protections are permanent. To use them:

  • USE a protection to include it into your permanent equipment. Remember to save game after the USE protection command.
  • Select them as appropriate from the INFO screen, at any time.

More weapons

More objects that can be used as weapons


Once lit up (USE command) you have an average time of 15 secs to throw it away. Does 20 damage points if blows in any people’s hands and 10 damage points to all the room occupants if left on the floor.

Some say using explosives is fun. Surely it is effective to weaken a number of opponents in a flash.

Pay attention as these toys are hazardous, in the rush of the moment it is common to make mistakes…

Bomb traps / proximity bombs

Once activated, these bombs will stay sleeping until somebody walks in and then they blow up , producing a devasting effect.

Can be assembled by Craftsmen and sometimes bought in shops.

They are triggered by the [USE] command.


By deploying its equalness to healing potions (the color of the liquid is almost identical) some people use it to make others to drink it and eventually die.