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Origins of the game

This game was initially named ‘Sottomondo’, developed by L. Ficarra, on a game engine developed on his own and based on Microsoft ASP and Access.

The name of the game derives the literal translation from the Italian: ‘Sottomondo’. Any links between the game’s plot and the Underworld movie, if any, are absolutely incidental.

Initially the aim of the game was basically to find the right key to the bedroom’s door. The game was then was ported to DimensioneX by Cris. Several enhancements were done after that.

This free, playable multiplayer online version of the game has been developed using, and runs on the DimensioneX game engine.


People who did contribute to this project:

  • Earwig – Marketing and promotion (2009)
  • Virnemax, contributions on coding
  • Language revision on the English version courtesy of Josh “JoKen Jash”.
  • Translation from English to Italian is a courtesy of Emanuele “Krisaore” Palmarini.
  • Etms, Italy, contributions on coding


  • Most of the scenes graphics was borrowed from an old game we found online at: http://www.nemmelheim.de/horrorsoft/index.html#english which is a tribute to that old yet good adventure game.
  • The illustrations on this site and most of the graphics are property of the author and it is copyrighted. See the copyright notice at the bottom of each page.
  • Part of the multimedia files used to build the game and this website have been gathered from the net, in such a context that made us think it was freely usable and redistributable.
  • We strive to produce ourselves most of the graphics we use. If you find copyrighted work here and want it to be removed or would like to have credits in these section, please contact us at the Contacts page: we will be happy to do so.


Our game has got a background music feature that enables you to listen to selected MIDI files and MP3 files while playing the game. MP3 music files are played in protected mode by means of a Flash player.
The tracks of the game’s soundtrack have been granted for use in the game by a number of artists that we would like to thank here for their courtesy and quality of work. Click on their website link to learn (and listen!) more about them.


If you play with Music option on, you will listen to these tracks in random order:

  • “Electricity ” (MP3) by Alexander Blu
  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Andy “Ziurerdna” Ruiz
  • “Sentry Battle” (MP3) by Sean Beeson
  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Daedralarsa
  • “Days of History” by Shane Turner
  • “The Wedding Theme” by Shane Turner
  • Most of the background music tracks were found on http://members.tripod.com/~UrukHai/midi.html and on Virtual Music – MIDI FILES – we believe they are royalty-free.


Juke-Box The castle’s tavern features a Juke-Box where players can select and play a number of tracks (1 game coin required!).
As usual, tracks have been contributed by artists that we would like to thank:

  • Many tracks (MP3) by DanoSongs.com Royalty Free Music
  • “Electro Maniac ” (MP3) by Alexander Blu
  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Daedralarsa
  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Andy “Ziurerdna” Ruiz
  • “Sentry Battle” (MP3) by Sean Beeson
  • “Against All Odds” by Scott Holmes Music
  • “Let There Be Dark” by Mint Attack feat. I / 0
  • Remaining background music files have been downloaded from Virtual Music – MIDI FILES and are apparently royalty-free.


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