These are types of roles that the player can take.


Tranied on the use of weapons and the Art of War. Can attack with bare hands and use protections.

Can earn money: By winning wars against other guilds, governing the Kingdom, selling conquered items.


Can cast spells and prepare magic potions by combining available elements.

Special level advance: by casting spells.

Can earn money: By selling created spells and potions, winning wars against other guilds, governing the Kingdom.


Trained on minerals extraction and building objects, such as weapons or glass bottles, which Clerics can fill up with magic potions. The craftsman is capable of producing richness.

Directions on how to build objects can be found here.

Special level advance: by crafting items.

Can earn money: By selling created items, winning wars against other guilds, governing the Kingdom.

Robot Characters

These characters are computer controlled, but you will interact with them.


Is grown a little old, but he will give you useful tips for staying alive.


Buy and sell weapons of any type. Trade with confidence.

Old Ronald

Outside of the Castle this old guy offers you rare and useful services:

Find him outside the castle and click him to know more.


He’s the keeper of the King’s treasure. Give him money to allow the kingdom to live in prosperity (and
make the King to increase his Score!).


Brother of Morubar, he’s got a shop at the South-East tower of the Graiel Castle. He acts much like a bank: you give him money, get Credits, and get money back whenever you want.

Go deposit there when you’re carrying some money.


Appears in the second phase of the game, there is actually one visible villain each 10 living in the Castle whereabouts. Villains are pacific, protect them!

Human Knights

They will heroically join the game to fight evil forces. They are human’s friend, (unless they got infected by creatures!)

If you get reckognized as an ally, you can give orders to these humans: they will execute your commands and help you in your game’s strategy.

Warning! Appearences may induce to mistakes

In this game everybody can modify his/her look, thanks to the services of Old Ronald.
Don’t get fooled by appearences and click on all the characters to find out about their real Class.