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  • The source code of this game is provided
    as Freeware and can be used as Open Source according to the terms of the GNU GPL License.

  • Creative Commons License
    The graphics and the multimedia files of the game (included in teh DimensioneX game engine) contains material produced by us which may be used according to the terms of the Creative Commons License 3.0The rest of the graphics and the multimedia files contained in the ZIP file has been gathered from the net and appeared to be freely usable and redistributable. You download and use these media files at your own risk. To make sure that a specific file is our property and hence can be used according to the Creative Commons License, you should contact us via the Contacts page , specifying the name of each file you would like to use.All remaining graphics and illustrations on this website, not included in the ZIP package below are copyright and cannot be used without written permission.

Source Code

Attention: By reading the source you may spoil the surprise of discovering all the game tips by yourself!

The source code of the latest, running version can always be downloaded from this page.
The source code is very small in size and runs on each PC equipped with the DimensioneX
game engine

Use right-click and Save target object as… to download and save anything.

Please check the comments at the beginning of each file version info and game engine requirements.

underworld.DXW Source code file for the Main area (castle)
commons.DXL Common code library (routines for all areas).Place this file in the same folder as the main source code (dimx/WEB-INF/system).
uwpanels.DXL Common command panels.Place this file in the same folder as the main source code (dimx/WEB-INF/system).
underworld2.DXW Source code file for Area 2 (castle exteriors)
underworld3.DXW Source code file for Area 3 (catecombs)
docs (WIKI) Some documentation can be found here. Code is commented, however


maps of the game are available in MS Powerpoint format

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