In Underworld it is possible to marry other players. This sections explains you all.

Why to get married?

In the future the game will allow to the King or Queen in charge to increment not only his/her Score, but also that of the companion.
In practice, by marrying you increase the chances to get more powerful by extending your max Experience/Strength levels, even when you are not playing.

The “Married with” status will always be visible in your player profile, though.
Apart from this, a wedding is always a nice and touching cerimony, it even can get funny. There are no two similar weedings, try and believe it.

How to marry

You need:

  • a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • a ring
  • a witness

You have to go in the chapel. There you call the priest, who will immediately appear.
Then look at (click) the priest, you will get a context-sensible menu. In this menu you should find “Marry person”. Choose this option to start the celebration.

Notice: The “Marry person” command appears only if your girlfriend/boyfriend is there with you, and if you can really marry her/him.
It is not possible to marry people who is already married.
Is is instead allowed to marry people of the same gender.
Also, you cannot marry computer-controlled characters with the sole exception of Asia the princess, nor you can marry “fake girlfriends” that you are controlling yourself with another ope browser. So, you need a real human girlfriend/boyfriend, who is single and present in the chapel.

The priest will ask you who will be the witness. Either the man or the bride have to say the name of this person, who must be and stay in the chapel for all the cerimony, otherwise the wedding will get interrupted.
Since sometimes it is not straightforward to find a witness, it is allowed to use any computer-controlled character as a witness.

Notice: You will understand that it is rather appalling to marry by having, say, a sludge as a witness. Furthermore, monsters are a sort of bad folks, they sometimes get bored by the cerimony and walk away, leaving you in total mess.
Other times, they jump over the priest and eat him up, it is not a nice show.

After identifying the witness each one should declare his/her will to get the other as husband/bride. Each of the two will say YES when the priest tell you to do so.

When done, one of the two (who has requested to the priest to start the wedding) has to give the wedding ring to the other one. Since in the Kingdom the rings are rare, we thought it would have been simpler to use just one ring. So there’s no exchange – just give the ring and that’s it.

At this point the celebration ends. The priest announces to all the people that you have just married, and a wedding march is played.

Don’t forget to snap a picture of the wedding by pressing Alt+Print on your computer and pasting the screenshot in an image editor or MS Word. If you can, post the picture to our Facebook group!

By clicking the [INFO] button you will notice that you got married. Simply save your profile at this point. You did it!


A wedding is an important moment: do not waste it. Plan in advance the date and the time, post an announce on the forum. This way, not only you will have less troubles in finding a witness, but it will be a cerimony that everybody will remember. Somebody will bring you a gift, somebody else will put some nice song on the Juke-Box and you will drink something altogether.
Also, do not be a dummy and find yourself in the middle of the wedding without the ring: Make sure you keep it somewhere safe until the wedding moment.
Finally, keep in mind that the chapel is small: if you have many guests you will find it difficult to give the ring to the bride. You might want to ask somebody to go in the hall for a moment and then come back.

If something goes wrong

You will notice that the priest will not accept to replace the witness once the cerimony has started, nor that one of the two parts for long time. Even if you get killed and pop up back again the priest may get confused.
If the cerimony gets interrupted for any reason, do not panic.
You can always kill the priest and call up another (you don’t know how many people is eager to become the castle’s preiest) so you can redothe procedure from the beginning.


Normally you will remain married for good but, you know, things can get worse.
For example, your husband (or wife) can become a pain in the ass. In this case, the rule “until there will be life” will be interpreted this way: the marriage can be cancelled if one gets killed by the husband/wife. If you kill your husband/wife the marriage link for you will be cancelled immediately and you will be free.
At that point, the other person will re-enter the game with his/her saved profile and, understandibly, will go to the priest to let him cancel the marriage link.

Enemies in the chapel

If an enemy is about to marry, even though it is not quite polite, you can ruin his cerimony.
The game offers lots of possibilities. For instance, try rolling a light bomb in the chapel full of guests and yell: ‘Here is my wedding gift, HAR HAR!!’ This will grant that the cerimony will be very lively and fun.
Another nice trick that you can play is to turn the priest into a vampire.

In conclusion, be creative!