Guild Wars (Underworld 8.1.0)

I am happy to present you the new release of Underworld Online, with an important news:

Guild Wars

How it works

  • Guilds can challenge themselves in wars, which can be considered as Personal Quests or also as little guild-oriented competitions
  • The management of all war operations, as well as the reports about the ongoing situation, can be done in the War Room, located in the castle.
  • At the war’s end, the results will be recorded and will stay visible permanently in the war room. The winner guild can obtain a war prize, thus increasing the power in the kingdom.

How to start a war

  • The first step is to declare war to another guild. The guild leader can issue a war declaration in the War Room. The intention to start a conflict is immediately visible in both that room and in the Guilds’ Room (south-west tower).
  • If the challenged guild wants to accept, their leader will execute the same operation, “Declare War“, to the challenging guild. This serves as acceptance and the war starts.
  • At the war start, the reciprocal kills situation is recorded and the war is listed in the Open Conflicts list in the War Room. Besides, it will be displayed the initial date/time, the inital/current kill situation (only reciprocal kills are counted), plus a final date, which is the time limit before which the conflict cannot be resolved.
  • Each war must last from a minimum of 240 game days (equivalent to 10 real days!). After this period of time has passed, the war can be stopped at any moment, but it can also be prolonged according to both competitor’s will and strategy.
  • As long as a guild is engaged in a war, nobody can leave the guild or join it. Furthermore, the guild cannot be cancelled, but it is however possible to drop a member (eg. if it is discovered that he is a betrayer)
  • The war finishes as soon as the leader of any of the two competitor guilds issues the command “Stop hostilities“. In that moment the situation is recorded and the result is written into the Past Wars list permamently.
  • The war can end up with a winner, but it can also stop with a no-win result: this happens in case the recyprocal kills difference is less than 100 kills .
    It is obvious that guild leaders must pay close attention at the closing of the 10 days, because in a no-win situation, the competitor can make new kills and close the war right after having gained over the 100 kills difference. This adds some intrigue to the challenge and benefits the most present guild.


We currently have two limitations:

  1. The deputy leaders cannot issue the declare war/stop hostility commands. It is possible that in the next releases this limitation is removed.
  2. The game does not establish which the war prize will be. Consequently, guilds must agree upon a war prize before entering a conflict.
    At the end of the war, the war prize is not automatically credited to the winner by the system, event though in future releases this feature could be implemented.
    Currently, it is required that before starting a war, guilds communicate what the war prize will be either on the pulic forum or to a game Master.
    Other players (in the forum case) or the Master will guarantee that the agreements will be honored. At the end of the war, the loser must respect the agreement and give the war prize to the winner, possibly with the aid of a game Master for the modifications of max exp/strength points, personal weapons, money, etc.
    If a guild does not respect the agreements and might be banned from the Guild Wars system for a period of time.

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