Underworld 8.1.2

In this release:

1. Yell!
Monsters can now scare humans: by yelling in the face of them (notice: works only on humans with Exp < 10) you will make them to run the direction you are facing into. 2. Context Menus
It is now easier to interact with the Old Ronald and Rookie. Just click on them to get a drop-down menu of possible actions. No more old “spoken” commands (tell me 1 to do this, 2 to to this…)

3. Juke Box
By exploiting a new feature of the DimensioneX engine, the Juke-Box offers at the cost of only 1 coin, songs that are delivered in Flash streaming castle-wide. No downloads or plugins required, just enter the game with the ‘Music’ checkbox ON and enable pop-ups for the game.

Soon there will be a way to add your favorite songs to the playlist and for the King/Queen, to withdraw coins from the Juke-Box…

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