Underworld 8.1.8

Introducing the bomb traps.

Since now the combat techniques can be some more sophisticated, even the weaker players can take some satisfaction over the strongest ones.

You will find a new device in the armory, that can be used to build these traps (il looks like a mouse trap). The mechanism, combined with a mob ([USE WITH] command) will turn the bomb into a bomb trap.

How to use:

– Build the bomb trap (only craftsmen can do it)
– Place the bomb trap where you want
– Turn the trap on with the [USE] command (everybody can do it). You will hear a “click” sound and the bomb will start to blink.
– Go away and wait patiently the bomb to blow up. Possibly invite the chosen victim in the room where the bomb has just been activated (“come and see what’s in here….”)

Notes and more ideas:

– Only craftsmen can build the trap, but everybody can use it.
– The craftsmen building such a trap can sell it to the first shop so that everybody can then buy it in infinite supply
– The bomb costs 10, the sensing device 5, the bomb trap values 22. So the craftsman can earn a little money by building and selling bomb traps. Selling to private players is better than selling to a shopkeeper, he will try to pull down on the price.
– By placing on the floor one bomb trap you weaken the victim. By coupling it with one or more bombs you can be sure of killing him/her – the bomb explode altogether.
– In case of death subsequent to the bombs explosion, the person who did activate the bomb trap is the one who gets the points.

Have fun!


Since this version the soundtrack of the game has been enhanced thanks to the contribution of a few musicians:

  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Andy “Ziurerdna” Ruiz
  • “Sentry Battle” (MP3) by Sean Beeson
  • “Final Battle” (MP3) by Daedralarsa

More on the Credits.


Underworld 8.1.7

Interesting news!

War of guilds – support completed

The support to the War of guilds has been completed.
Currently, when a war is over, the system computes the war prize that is got from the losers and assigned to the winners.

The war prize is gathered from each member of the guild having lost the war, in this way:

  • 10% of the exceeding Maximum Strength with respect to the base profile
  • 10% of the exceeding Maximum Experience with respect to the base profile
  • 10% of the money placed at Garumir’s bank

The maximum increment points and the money are distributed in equal parts to the members to the winner guild.

The result of the war prize computation and assigment to winners is documented in a report that is given, under the form of a scroll, to whom is stopping the war.
The contents of this report can be later published on the game’s Forum by means of “copy-paste” or lso you can let the enemy guild’s leader read the report.

For more details, read the Guild wars page.

Have fun!

Underworld 8.1.6

Some news for you!

Neutralize mob-vulnerable

It should not be a news that the Eye Spell can be used to let soe monsters to lose their resistance to attacks from alone players.
This spell, that you can get for free by staying at 7:00 AM (game time) at the fog plains, can be today bought from Kowalski the merchant.
This spell can be cast by clerics, sorceresses and dark entitites.

Craftsmen and weapons

Recently Craftsmen got ability to handle very powerful weapons and this have led to un-balnced situations.
Starting from today, the craftsmen can handle weapons but their effectiveness will not be higher than 2 Power points.
In other words, even the craftsman that owns a sword whose power is 5, will be fighting as he uses a sword having power=2.

At this point, the only player types that can handle powerful weapons will be the Warriors, as well as Vampires (vampire form) and Werewolves (human form).


Added some instructions on the game logon panel to let you enable backgroud music during the game, today the music score has been enhanced with new tracks playing in streaming Flash technology. Among the new tracks: “Final Battle” by DaedraLarsa (see also the About/Credits page for further info).
Also, a bug in the Juke-Box has just been fixed.

Please note that you can look for new tracks on www.icompositions.com. If you find something that you would like to be used in the game just let us know, we’ll be trying to get permission to use your favourite tracks in the game.

Underworld 8.1.5

More news for players!

1. Wedding support – Score Increment

We completed the support for weddings. For the married (in-game!) players, the King/Queen who collects Score points adds the same increment to his/her wife/husband!
This works also if the other is in another area of the game or even if not connected.
Check it out and increment – remember you get increase of max strength and experience points at each 1000 Score points.

2. Kingdom Simulation – Log

Kingdom simulation is today easier to understand.
When each day breaks, the information about reputation on villains, how many came and how many died, everything gets reported on a scroll which is placed into King/Queen’s hands.
This allows you to examine what’s happened and see how your performance can be improved.
This way you will see how to avoid common pitfalls (such as to start ruling without giving Morubar some 30 coins to let the newcomers start off) and eventually get more Score points to be collected.

3. Guild Status Update

This command, available to all guild leaders and deputies, can now be used each (real) hour. We recommend to use it often when engaged in a war, so that you see how the situation evolves.

4. Fixed bugs

Several bugs were fixed related to the priest, an annoying “double crown” bug, and finally a flaw letting expert users to beat other players down even when they were running away.

Underworld 8.1.4

Some new for players of Underworld.

1. War Management

Solved some flaws in the management of Guild Wars. In particular, we found out the system did not calculate properly the end date of a just-started war. Nowadays the problem has been fixed so once you start a war there’s no way to end it before 10 real days have passed.

2. Update guild status

The [GUILD STATUS] command has been fixed. This command, in the Guilds Room (alias South West Tower) provides to any guild leader (or deputy) a scroll with updated statistics data, so adjusting results you see in the War Room.

We recently found out this command was usable only by master users.

Today this limitation have been removed and the command, which is now labelled [UPDATE GUILD STATUS] can be found either in the Guilds Room, or in the War Room.
Wherever you execute it, the result will be the same. It should be possible to execute this command by all guild leaders and deputies, and also by all game masters.

Note #1: We recommend to guilds engaged in a war to use this command at least once in a day, to update the war situation and see how it progresses.

Note #2: Since the statistics computation slows down the server, it is possible to update the guild status just once in a day. In the future we may allow this operation more often.

Underworld 8.1.3

Some news!

1. Wedding

The game now supports wedding between players. Please read this page to learn everything.
Also the wedding with Asia the princess, one of the ways to complete the quest of game’s Phase 1, follows the same scheme since today.

2. Ronald gets smarter

Since a few days ago there was a problem which made Ronald to be confused: he did not accept money for his services. Also this problem has been fixed.

Have fun!