Underworld 9.1.6

Interesting news for our players!

  • Building repairs
    buildings can be now repaired by Rookie who, for the price of 100 coins will restore your guild’s Headquarters to the initial state. Please remember that headquarter’s resistance “when new” is equal to Nx10 where N is the number of guild members.
  • Rookie gives the change
    Most clever of you will notice that you can now pay Rookie for his services in a simpler way, it is no more necessary to use the “GIVE TO” command (thus losing any change left): the payment is managed the same natural way you do when buying items in a game’s shop.
  • Unique objects protection
    In order to prevent players from blocking the game, which is forbidden by our rules of play, a few unique objects such as the crown and the shiny key will stop you from entering your guild’s headquarters.
  • Have fun!!!

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