Underworld 9.1.7

Entità Oscura

Some news about the latest release that you can currently play on-line, while we wait for the start of the new Monsters vs. Humans competition!

Examine you enemies

Starting from today it is no more dangerous to look at your enemies.
They don’t attack you any more just because you look at them, to examine them is the key to understand which arts of attack and defense they are using: This information is now visible together with all the rest.
Another news is that enemies are capable of using attack and defense arts, so you will soon learn which enemies are the toughest!

Headquarters demolition alerts

When a headquarters building is attacked with bombs, alerts are spread to all the game areas. Therefore you can act and have them repaired: remember that Rookie offers this as a service.

Experience advance via visits to your character card

You should know that for each 500 visits on your character card will award you a bonus of +1 Experience point. In order to transfer the bouns points on your character just use the button atthe bottom of the in-game INFO panel.

Good luck!

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