Underworld 9.1.8

Peace and Love

Some news about the latest release that you can currently play on-line.

introducing Pacific Guilds

Each guild leader has got today the possibility to turn its guild into pacific type, and this choice will be immediately visibile from the symbol besides the guild’s name.

The “Toggle guild type” command can be used also to turn the guild from pacific to warrior type, just execute it again.
Please note: this operation costs 5000 coins (subtracted from your guild account) so it is not an operation to be done every day.

Once a guild is set to pacific, what changes?

  • The member of a pacific guild cannot be attacked by any player.
  • on the counterpart,

  • The member of a pacific guild cannot attack any other player.
  • Nothing changes for attacks directed to computer-controlled characters (MOB) – these can be attacked

Who belongs to a pacific guild cannot handle explosives or launch – if magician – annoying spells.

The belonging to a pacific guild will exclude from any tournament or competition based on killings, and excludes the guild from the guild wars, which will be re-introduced with interesting changes.

In case of doubts, the guilds pages has been updated for your convenience.

Affinities: more visible and comprehensive

When you look an enemy by clicking on him, you will read not only the art of attack/defense he is using, but also his base affinity (the one he chose at the beginning) and his affinity during the attack which depends upon the weapon he chose to use.

In order to better understand this information, please click [INFO] and examine your player profile: not only your base affinity is shown, but also your affinity during the attack, as well as your affinity during defense, that results from the combination between your own base affinity and the chosen protections (Shield/Armour/Helmet).

See you soon on-line for more news.

Invite your friends to join, the more we are and the more it’s fun!

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